Cattle Driving Holidaysin the Heart of Dartmoor

Sample this fascinating way of life & help us move cattle over some fantastic scenery

Dartmoor Riding Holidays and Cattle Drives Devon

 ‘A Totally unique experience,
over fantastic country,
unlike anywhere else in Europe’


We offer a more challenging ride for the experienced rider, riding over spectacular countryside on forward going sure footed horses. We do a round Dartmoor ride, western trail rides, and cattle drives.

 A Riding Holiday you
will never forget

Dartmoor is a fantastic place to ride, it’s one of the UK’s last wilderness’ and is best viewed through the ears of a horse. Take in the peace and sample the atmospheric beauty Dartmoor has to offer.

We ride western on superb well mannered Quarter horses with their fantastic laid back temperament, nimble careful feet that pick their way over Dartmoor’s miles of open spectacular scenery, crossing streams and rivers, up hills, down valleys, over land that has not changed for hundreds of years 2000ft up looking down on everything around you.

You will be guided by experienced Dartmoor guides that know the moor intricately, where the best riding is, and where to avoid; passing Bronze age stone circles, medieval villages as well as more modern historical sites; hearing stories of legendary Dartmoor ‘characters’ and scarey ghostly tales.

As seen on ITV ‘Countrywise’
with Ben Fogle!



About Meldon Farm

Meldon sits on the foothills of Dartmoor and is ideally placed to make use of Dartmoor's riding and grazing. Traditionally horses were used by farmers for tending their stock on Dartmoor. Whilst most farmers now use quad bikes, we have found for our terrain and our cattle, horses are a better option.

'Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction!'

'Behind every successful Dartmoor farmer, is a wife that works in town!'