Cattle Driving Holidaysin the Heart of Dartmoor

Sample this fascinating way of life & help us move cattle over some fantastic scenery

Dartmoor Riding Holidays and Cattle Drives Devon

Dartmoor Riding Holidays and Dartmoor Cattle Drives, Devon

‘A Totally unique experience,
over phenomenal country,
unlike anything else in the UK’

We offer a more challenging ride for the experienced rider, riding over spectacular countryside on forward going sure footed horses. We do trail rides, pub rides, cattle drives and pony drifts.

As seen on BBC South West Spotlight Program

A Riding Holiday you will never forget

Be part of a team moving up to 150 head of cattle over miles of open spectacular scenery, crossing streams and rivers, up hills, down valleys, over land that has not changed for hundreds of years 2000ft up looking down on everything around you.
We are not a riding stable, we are a working farm that has always used horses, guests will need to be at least a strong intermediate or experienced rider.
We are very relaxed and flexible, our aim is for the guests to have an enjoyable relaxing experience, there are no set timetables. Guests often ask for a day or half day out of the saddle to do other activities, this can always be accommodated.

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About Meldon Farm

Meldon Farm is an upland family farm within the Dartmoor National park and sits at 800ft. We keep beef cows and sheep, plus a few ponies, which graze the farm and commons of Dartmoor where they have thousands of acres to roam over. The farm was bought by Courtney Heard in 1958 and is now run by his son Phil and Mandi his wife, who have three sons, Darcy, Lloyd and Giles. We are the only place offering cattle drives in the UK; we are authentic and offer a different challenge for the more experienced horse rider. Many towns or parishes have their own part of the moor called a common; many farms in the parish have common grazing rights attached to the land. Meldon Farm has rights to graze cattle, sheep and ponies. At Meldon Farm, we run two herds of cattle. The first are Limousin x Friesian cows put to a Charolais bull. These make use of the more fertile low lying land around the farm and produce fast growing high quality cattle, very popular with local cattle buyers, The second are Welsh Black Cattle. These are a docile hill breed that are excellent mothers and make good use of the poorer moorland grazing. These are the cattle that we will be moving with the horses.

'Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction!'

Excellence in Beef Production

Although run very much as a traditional beef and sheep upland farm, Meldon Farm is very much at the forefront in excellence in beef production. This was recognised in 2008 when Philip was awarded the prestigious 'Farmers Weekly Beef Farmer of the Year' award, a national competition open to all beef producers. The award was presented at a glittering awards night at the Grosvener House Hotel in London, attended by over 1400 people, representing the cream of British Agriculture.

'Behind every successful Dartmoor farmer, is a wife that works in town!'

Farmers Weekly Beef Farmer of the Year

War Horse Film shot on Dartmoor

War Horse Filmed on Dartmoor Dartmoor was used for filming much of 'War Horse'. The author Michael Morpurgo set his book in Iddesliegh, a village not far from Meldon. See the Film Trailer here